Chris Petersen was born and raised in Morgan, Utah, a small mountain town in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It was the same mountain valley where 5 generations of his ancestors had lived. In this mountain valley, Chris developed his love for the country way of life. He spent most weekends on his Grandpa’s farm working alongside a man who would become a huge inspiration to Chris. Grandpa Heiner taught Chris how to build fence, haul hay, and tend to horses and livestock. These moments inspired the words to Chris' song, "It Just Takes a Little Longer"

Early on in life Chris developed a love for music. His father was a singer and always had music playing, whether it was opera music or old school country. Chris learned quickly to love cowboy music to avoid listening to opera music. Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, and the Sons of the Pioneers were among the favorites. During his early years Chris didn't sing much unless he was alone with the horses or up on the mountain. Singing was Dad’s thing and Chris didn't think he was any good at it himself.

In high school Chris did join the choir once, but only because it was the only way to get out of a trigonometry class he was enrolled in. Once the classes had started you couldn't get out without a teacher signing you out. The choir teacher had been begging Chris to join the show choir. When Chris realized he wasn't interested in trigenometry, he quickly took the choir teacher up on her offer and joined the choir for one semester. It wasn't until years later that Chris really dove into music.

Chris explained, "I've always had lines of songs in my head, but didn't know what to do with them." One night in college, Chris came home after being stood up for a date and saw his roommate’s guitar in the corner of the living room. It seemed as if the guitar was calling his name. He picked it up and after a few minutes had written a verse to a song. This would be the beginning of a new adventure for Chris. A close friend agreed to help Chris write a few guitar chords for his new tune and then forced him to sing it in public.

Another song quickly followed and then another. Chris began recording his songs for personal satisfaction but soon realized that it was something that needed to be shared with others. Two years later Chris had written and recorded a full album and then some. In 2014, Chris was able to open for Collin Raye at a benefit concert. Collin liked Chris’ heartfelt lyrics and authentic country sound and said, “Chris could be the next George Strait.” Chris has a passion for sharing his music and looks forward to entertaining audiences for years to come.

Chris has always been somewhat of an adrenaline junkie and the rush of adrenaline also pulled Chris to bucking horses. Chris spent time riding bareback horses at rodeos and even tried his hand in saddlebronc riding. Chris' father was a former bareback rider who tried his best to keep Chris away from the wild horses but something inside always drew Chris to rodeo and riding the broncs. Chris still gets the itch to ride a wild one every time he attends a rodeo or finds himself around a horse with some attitude. Chris also loves desert racing UTVs, four wheeling, rock crawling, and anything that gets the adrenaline pumping.

Aside from riding bucking horses at rodeos, Chris has always loved horses. Chris learned to start colts when he was 14 years old. A good family friend helped Chris learn the basics and it became something that Chris couldn't put down. To this day Chris spends most of his free time working with his horses and starting colts for other people. For Chris, there is something about taking a wild and untrusting creature and turning it into a loyal friend. Growing up, Chris would volunteer his help on local ranches and any chance he could get to push cows or brand calves was quickly taken. Chris never passed up on time in the saddle. Chris also has a love for sharing this way of life with others through photography. Chris enjoys capturing images of horses and the cowboy way of life.

Chris is also a serious oudoorsman and loves hunting and being on the mountain. When he is on the mountain, Chris is truly in his element. Chris got his start in the hunting industry through his love for art. Chris began drawing about as soon as he could hold a crayon and destroy a wall. A love for art combined with his love for wildlife and horses quickly turned into a small business for Chris. With a pen in hand Chris would create beautiful scenes of wildlife or western art. He even sold some of his art in a gallery in Jackson, Wyoming.

With a gift for art Chris began working in Graphic Design and soon got a job as a graphic designer for a hunting publication. While working at the hunting publication Chris found that he could turn hunting into art by filming it and adding music. Soon Chris had created a job for himself as a hunting videographer and video producer. Today Chris hunts full time in the fall as the main camera operator on Under Armour "Ridge Reaper" featured on The Outdoor Channel.

Chris loves fast moving adventure and being a little crazy. Chris started riding snowmobiles at age 6 and has never stopped. There are very few places that he'd rather be than on the mountain in fresh powder and when there’s no snow you might catch him skipping his snowmobile across a lake.

Chris is authentic and lives the lifestyle he sings about. He writes all of his own songs and you can feel the emotion in the songs he writes. He sings about the things he knows and loves. It’s just real country music.

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